Michelle Obama Ranked Most Admired Woman – Melania Gets Stiffed


We have begun the third revolution in the past century. By 1920, women demanded and finally received the right to vote. Gloria Steinem was the spear point of the feminist movement in the late 1960s to the 1970s. One main spoke in the wheel of this movement was women’s ability to control their own bodies with the birth control pill. Now, the Me Too movement is in a fight for the soul of the country through their votes. It is also very possible that we will have a woman president of these United States in 2020. There is one more brilliant example of women’s strength.

A full 41,000 people in 41 countries were questioned by YouGov Poll for this survey. Actor and activist Angelina Jolie has raised a beautifully integrated family of many colors. However, this year Michelle Obama replaced her as the world’s most admired women in a YouGov annual survey.

SOURCE: YouGov Poll.

Oprah Winfrey became the second most admired woman with her humanitarian actions and profound movies. Jolie quietly slipped into third place.

The most admired man was Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates. He has held that place ever since the YouGov began conducting this poll. President Barack Obama came in second place. The third, fourth, and fifth place all continue to come from China.

When it comes to America, these are the most admired people:

‘Within the United States, former President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle are the most admired man and women. Barack Obama is tailed by Donald Trump, Clint Eastwood, Bill Gates and Dwayne Johnson. The most popular women in the US after Michelle Obama are Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Melania Trump. Ellen DeGeneres and Queen Elizabeth II.’

SOURCE: YouGov Poll.\

Politics held its most admired people, which was meaningful:

Three Democratic presidential candidates ended up on the most admired list in America:
Joe Biden is the 6th most admired man in the US, followed by Bernie Sanders in the 7th spot. Elizabeth Warren also made the list, as the 13th most admired woman in the country.’

They aren’t the only political figures on the list. Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton held the seventh and eighth place for most admired women in the country, followed immediately by former UN ambassador Nikki Haley.

SOURCE: YouGov Poll.

YouGov collected open-ended nominations from panelists in 41 countries last December. The technique was simple, ask:

‘Thinking about people alive in he world today, which . (man or woman) do you most admire?’

Those nomination served to form the basis for the survey. YouGov distilled the list down to 20 men and 20 women. Then, the survey added 10 popular local celebrities to the individual countries’ list.

Then, in January the surveyors asked two questions to each of the 41 countries:

‘Who do you truly admire?”

If they could only think of one individual, they were asked a second question:

‘Who do you MOST admire?’

These numbers below show the percentage share of admiration for each person in 41 countries worldwide:

By asking respondents two questions, we can understand both the breadth (i.e. global reach) and the intensity of a person’s support.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

All of the surveys were conducted online, and in many of the countries the internet penetration is low to the point where the sample can only be said to be representative to the online population. The countries where the online population is lower than 60% of the total are China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, and South Africa.