Omar Gets Unexpected Greeting At Airport After Trump Rally Chants


Wednesday night at one of his “I’m ‘president’ and you’re not” rallies in Greenville, NC, our Racist-in-Chief one-upped himself again, and as you might expect, his “basket of deplorables” loved every second of it!

During his speech, the president defended his tweets when he suggested that four highly respected Congresswomen of color go “back to their home countries.” He also defended his subsequent racist remarks, but this time he zeroed in on the one Congresswoman who wasn’t born in America — Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN).

In front of the incensed crowd gathered in Greenville, he called her “anti-American” and listed several reasons why he thought this was true, one being that he believes her to be a “vicious” anti-semitic who “belittled” 9/11. And, as he does, Trump dramatically paused for effect after each pointedly racist statement as the crowd chanted, “SEND HER BACK” over and over…

It’s absolutely disgusting. Just watch:

Trump may have thought that he got away with that revolting display, but Rep. Omar has a LOT more fans than Donald thinks, and they all came out in full support of her today in the best way possible.

Upon returning to Minneapolis after being ruthlessly attacked by our so-called “president,” Omar was greeted by a large crowd who was cheering for her with a chant of their own! That chant was, “WELCOME HOME ILHAN,” and we think that’s perfect!

After what she’s been through this week, we certainly hope that this in some way made up for it. Clearly, her constituents love her!

THIS is what makes America great! Watch the heartwarming homecoming below:

Featured image via screenshot