Twitter Pounces On Trump For Lying About Racist Chant At Rally


President Donald Trump continues to attract harsh criticism for his treatment of progressive women of color in Congress like Minnesota’s Ilhan Omar — even after he claimed to ABC’s Jonathan Karl that he “disagreed” with a chant he presided over at a rally demanding that Omar be sent back to Somalia, where she was born. On Twitter, there were plenty of people pointing out how shoddy at best that the president’s argument really was, considering he’s the one who led a charge of demanding Omar “go back where she came from” in the first place and at the North Carolina rally itself, he showed essentially zero sign of visible dissent from the chant. He simply stood back and let it continue for almost 15 seconds, and any claim otherwise is yet another lie.

Trump had claimed to Karl:

‘I started speaking very quickly. I disagree with it, by the way. But it was quite a chant and I felt a little bit badly about it but I will say this, I did and I started speaking very quickly, I started rather fast as you probably noticed.’

No Trump, nobody noticed that because it didn’t happen. If Trump really felt so bad about it, he could have said something right then and there or at least made a single visible move to shut them down. He did not. Instead, the “Send her back!” chant quickly joined the ranks of numerous other angry, misogynistic chants that have marked Trump rallies. For some time now, Trump supporters have bonded over chanting “Lock her up!” at Trump’s former general election competitor Hillary Clinton. At one rally in the Midwest, Donald Trump Jr. seemed not at all perturbed by the crowd turning that chant against progressive New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — and the list goes on and on from there.

Numerous figures have spoken out against the president’s behavior at this point, both in the United States and abroad. Earlier in the week, the U.S. House already approved a resolution condemning Trump demanding that progressive women of color go back where they came from as racist, attracting the support of only four Republicans.

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