Trump Suffers Embarrassing Mental Lapse While In Oval Office (VIDEO)


President Donald Trump seems like he doesn’t care enough about crimes against humanity perpetrated around the world to even pay basic attention when one of the victims is speaking with him who after her torment, went on to lead a charge to defend her people and even won a Nobel Peace Prize. During an on-camera meeting in the Oval Office this week with survivors of religious persecution from around the world including victim of the Islamic State turned activist Nadia Murad, Trump was so disconnected that after she briefly related the story of her family being murdered, he asked where they were now. They’re dead, Mr. President! Were you paying any attention to what was going on around you whatsoever?

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Murad told the president, also including the story of family being targeted:

‘If I cannot go to my home and live in a safe place and get my dignity back… this is not about ISIS. It’s about I’m in danger. My people cannot go back.’

After Trump asked where Murad’s deceased family was now, she repeated that the Islamic State terror group killed them and left them in a mass grave in Sinjar — and all Trump had to offer was:

‘I know the area very well that you’re talking about.’

This isn’t a discussion about some prospective real estate venture! This is a discussion about violence perpetrated against whole large groups of people, one of whom is standing in front of you, Mr. President!


He’s off far into the deep end at this point. The next just under two years of his presidency will be a challenge of seeing if we can keep his belligerent incompetence from claiming any more lives than it already has, considering items like the sudden spike of deaths in border patrol custody.

Only when Murad mentioned the fact that she was awarded the Nobel Prize did Trump seem to perk up, asking why they gave it to her — after she had already spent a considerable amount of time explaining her story and asking for presidential assistance in getting the Yazidi people safely back to their homeland. Trump has in the past complained that he himself hasn’t gotten a Nobel Prize and that his immediate predecessor Barack Obama did, so his egomania had a vested interest in that part of Murad’s story.

Trump’s complete fumble of his interaction with Murad wasn’t his only gaffe while meeting with the persecution survivors. He also seemed to have no idea where the Rohingya religious group has been subjected to intense persecution in recent years, despite the fact that a casual observer of global affairs might know and Trump is — remember — the president of the United States of America. He asked a member of the community who was there where the home was that they wanted help in getting back to, and a Trump official cut in with the answer.

These humiliating episodes define just how far off Trump is into his fantasyland of racist nonsense that he continuously hurls at immigrants. He doesn’t even know basic facts about them.

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