CNN Challenges GOP’rs In Congress To Condemn Trump’s Racism


For almost a full week now, Trump has been on a racist tirade that started on Twitter when he suggested that four highly respected Congresswomen of color go “back to their home countries.”

Since then, he’s been defending himself to anyone who will listen, including a crowd at a Greenville, NC rally who chanted “SEND HER BACK” in response to Trump’s words about Rep. Ilhan Omar, and he keeps getting away with it, because most of the Republicans in office are either too scared to condemn his comments, or worse — it’s pretty likely that they agree with him.

Today, CNN challenged Republicans to quit being complicit and condemn Trump’s racist attacks once and for all. In a tweet, John Berman called for GOP members of Congress to call in to the station this weekend and respond to Trump’s disgusting comments.

‘The phone lines are open. If you are a Republican member of Congress who has issues with the President’s racist comments this weekend, we will take your call.’

There’s no word yet on whether anyone has called in, but the response Berman received from the Twitterverse was pretty resounding:

Democrats have universally denounced Trump’s racist remarks and have not held back on their condemnation, even putting it to a House vote this past week. One House rep, Al Green (D-TX) even filed Articles of Impeachment against our so-called “president.”

Some Republicans have made comments to that end, and one that stood out was from one of Trump’s most staunch supporters, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who said Trump should  Trump should “knock it down a notch” and urged him to “aim higher” in his attacks, however, Maryland Rep. Andy Harris (R) defended Trump, saying the tweets are “obviously not racist.”

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