Hillary Clinton Returns & Trolls Racist Trump Like A Champ


President Donald Trump continued to stoke racial hatred this past week when at a Greenville, North Carolina rally he happily presided over the crowd chanting “Send her back!” targeting Minnesota Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. The chant came after Trump whined on stage about the prominent progressive woman of color yet again after saying earlier in the week that she and some of her colleagues should go back to where they came from rather than criticize his administration. Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton responded to these developments this Thursday morning by insisting that the time has come to “fight for” our democracy.

She shared:

‘Democracy may be our birthright as Americans, but it’s not something we can ever take for granted. Every generation has to fight for it. After last night’s Trump rally, it’s clearer than ever that the time has come again.’

The most obvious real world application of what she has in mind comes via the upcoming 2020 presidential election. Currently, former Vice President Joe Biden and Sens. Bernie Sanders (Vt.), Elizabeth Warren (Mass.), and Kamala Harris (Calif.) lead the pack of Democratic presidential primary contenders. That race is quickly coming up on its second debate at the end of this month. The first one at the end of last month was marked by high-profile criticism of Biden from Harris over the former second-in-command’s past on race relations, but even despite Democratic infighting, leading candidates have consistently polled well in hypothetical general election match-ups against Trump. Biden and Sanders for instance recently came out 10 percent ahead of him in such a situation.

Clinton — like former President Barack Obama — has not explicitly endorsed anyone in that primary race, and considering precedent, neither of them likely will until much, much later in the cycle when the nominee might be essentially set. Still, they’ve already established their readiness to engage in the political process even while holding no public office. In the lead-up to the 2018 midterm elections, both Barack and Michelle Obama stumped for turnout and voter registration across the United States.

Democratic presidential candidates have themselves slammed the president’s behavior at this point. Biden, for instance, insisted:

‘Mr. President, I am here to tell you this. This is OUR country: The United States of America. You’ll never understand what makes us strong. And that’s why the American people are going to vote you out of office next year.’

Sanders added:

‘Trump knows that when we stand together and fight for racial, social, economic and environmental justice, we have the power to defeat him. So the demagogue is doing what he knows best: Divide and conquer through hate. His attacks only make us stronger.’

Check out Twitter’s response to Hillary below:

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