Schiff Shows Up Trump On Live TV & Donald Is Raging Online


The perpetually fragile President Donald Trump continues to attract steep criticism for incessantly targeting a small group of progressive women of color newly serving in Congress, who he has insisted should “go back where they came from” rather than criticize his administration. This weekend on CBS, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) slammed the president’s behavior, going right into discussing what it means for the road ahead to the 2020 election. In short, he put forward that he thinks Trump will no doubt continue with his current behavior heading into that election, and he emphatically added that Democrats are ready to take it on, no matter who’s their eventual 2020 presidential nominee.

Insisting that he did “absolutely not” see the president’s behavior as just about his targets’ policies, he told host Margaret Brennan:

‘I think tragically the president has decided that racism is good politics and that racism is a good political strategy. There’s a reason that he keeps returning to attacking these women of color and the rhetoric that he uses — the crowd’s ugly racist chant didn’t materialize out of nothing! It came from the president’s own tweets and words and incendiary rhetoric. This of course wasn’t a one-off either… This is who he is, and God help us if it is… I think we’re going to see next year what a colossal losing strategy it is.’

The crowd Schiff is referring to is the group that gathered for a Trump rally in North Carolina this past week. Days after Trump first unveiled his newest obsessive line of attack against those Congresswomen, the rally crowd burst into a chant of “Send her back!” targeting one of them, Minnesota’s Ilhan Omar. That chant — along with the president’s own behavior — has been widely criticized across the world at this point. Trump claims he disagrees with it, but he did absolutely nothing to counter it. The tape is there for all to see.

As evidence for Democrats’ readiness to take this on, when Brennan asked if Democrats need to be more “careful with their own language,” Schiff shared:

‘I don’t think there’s really any equivalence here. We’re not inciting crowds to chant to send them back. This is coming from the president… I fully expect our members are going to be very aggressive out there, but we’re focused on those disagreements when it comes to providing good paying jobs to people, issues like trying to save minimum wage, and trying to save access to health care.’

Meanwhile, besides his racism, Trump continues with efforts like dismantling the national health care system. His administration has now repeatedly pushed for the complete dismantling of the Affordable Care Act, which could leave millions upon millions of Americans without health coverage.

Besides these issues, federal authorities are looking forward to scheduled testimony this coming week from Special Counsel Robert Mueller covering his Russia investigation. Schiff said he wants Mueller to bring the “damning set of facts” in that report to life. He is set to speak for some five hours.

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