Mike Pence’s Nephew Accused Of Starting ‘Send Them Back’ Chants


Donald Trump’s top advisers warned him against using the new chant “send them back.” Yet he ignored their concerns and went for it anyway, basking in the chant for a full 13 seconds, which is a long time in television minutes. After a serious backlash, the president tried to walk the chant back by throwing his followers under the bus, blaming them. Yet, POTUS true racist self could not remain submerged for more than a day. Then, this happened.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Reverend Al Sharpton, author and former White House employee Omarosa Manigault Newman dropped the bomb that Donald Trump has section leaders at his rallies who help the audience chant in chorus. She indicated that they even led the chants. Even worse, one of these section leaders was Mike Pence’s nephew John Pence, Manigault Newman said:

‘I had to attend many of these rallies when I worked on the campaign and even in the White House. There are these section leaders who start the chant, control how long the chants go and quiet them down when they want to.’

Omarosa continued:

‘In fact, you’ll be surprised to learn that Vice President Pence’s nephew, John Pence, is one of the big coordinators of these rallies. And so this is how closely these rallies are coordinated with also what’s going on in the White House. John Pence is a very big key player in the campaign, but he’s particularly responsible for all of the staging and choreography of the campaigns and, yes, they are very much orchestrated and manufactured to get the outcome that we saw from Donald Trump saying go back to your countries that you came from and if you don’t love it, leave it.’

The former The Apprentice star indicated that the chant had been created then coordinated during the rally:

‘…to stoke fear in this country and we’ve seen it, we feel it, and they’re going to continue on because they believe it’s a winning strategy.’

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The reverend commented that Trump did not appear to be shutting down the crowd’s chant at his North Carolina campaign rally:

‘He stood there for 13 seconds.’

Omarosa explained how the chant coordination worked:

‘If he wanted to shut it down, he would have looked to his right which is where the lead is standing, and he would have given a signal. They would have been shut down immediately. The way that he stepped back and he basked in the glow of these ugly chants, it indicated to the section leaders to let them keep going, to stoke them up, to keep it going.’

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The author and a minister in her own right continued, saying either the section leaders either chanted “send her back” or led the chants:

‘I think it would be important to have cameras kind of pan to the crowds at the next rally and you will see the orchestration, the coordination and how they manufacture this environment that makes Donald Trump look like this horrible leader that he is because he loves it. You saw him basking in it because that is the end result that he was going for.’

Check out the interview below:

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