Trump Explodes Into Angry Monday AM Misspelled Twitter Rant


When Donald Trump speaks, he talks as if he is America. He says that when the four Democratic congresswomen in the squad criticize his policies, they hate the U.S.A. POTUS is not our nation. No, he comes from a place of grim reality that rests upon a deep dislike of women, and people of color, and caged children.

The squad held a brief press conference last week, and they spoke of equality, hope, and most of all that this country belongs to all of us. Donald Trump is not the country. When he talked about the economy being good, he was really talking about himself, his so-called accomplishment:

‘With almost no inflation, our Country is needlessly being forced to pay a MUCH higher interest rate than other countries only because of a very misguided Federal Reserve. In addition, Quantitative Tightening is continuing, making it harder for our Country to compete. As good…..’

This morning’s tweets were all about an “unfair” world, when in fact the American dream has started its reawakening:

‘….as we have done, it could have been soooo much better. Interest rate costs should have been much lower, & GDP & our Country’s wealth accumulation much higher. Such a waste of time & money. Also, very unfair that other countries manipulate their currencies and pump money in!’


Then, he was on to criticizing the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Jerome Powell, who has been doing a great job. Yet, Trump wants him to manipulate the rates, so he will look better in the 2020 presidential election:

‘It is far more costly for the Federal Reserve to cut deeper if the economy actually does, in the future, turn down! Very inexpensive, in fact productive, to move now. The Fed raised & tightened far too much & too fast. In other words, they missed it (Big!). Don’t miss it again!’

After that, Trump went after the free press:

‘The Amazon Washington Post front page story yesterday was total Fake News. They said “Advisors wrote new talking points and handed him reams of opposition research on the four Congresswomen.” Now really, does that sound like me? What advisors, there were no talking points,….’

The commander-in-chief fell back on his tried and true trick, lies:

‘….except for those stated by me, & “reams of paper” were never given to me. It is a made up story meant to demean & belittle. The Post had no sources. The facts remain the same, that we have 4 Radical Left Congresswomen who have said very bad things about Israel & our Country!’

Twitter world went crazy. Check out some of our favorites below:

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