Trump Raises Voter Fraud Argument Long After Discredited Commission


Donald Trump is the pit bull of outdated ideas. Once he gets one between his jaws he will not let it go. His racism is out of the 1950’s as well as his opinion of women. He grew up in the days of separate bathrooms and drinking fountains for black and for white people. He came through a childhood where women stayed at home and waited on their husbands hand-and-foot. Once the idea of tariffs lodged in the lizard part of POTUS’ brain, he never let it go. Then, there was this.

The president gave a speech to young people at the very conservative nonprofit Turning Point USA in Washington, D.C., according to POLITICO. He used the opportunity to air his complaints. Then, he dove into an old favorite, that he should have won the 2016 presidential campaign’s popular vote. He would have, he told them, if large numbers of people had not voted illegally. His opponent Secretary Hillary Clinton won that vote by three million in 2016, and Trump still cannot bear to let it go.

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Without any evidence to back up his claim, the commander-in-chief said that there were people who illegally came across the border to vote against him over and over. He said that they changed hats and changed clothing so that they could increase the number of votes against him. He said “it’s a rigged deal:”

‘You’ve got people voting that shouldn’t be voting. They vote many times. Not just two times, not just three times … It’s a rigged deal.’

Of course, this was not the first time that the president has claimed rampant voter fraud, again with no evidence. He even brought in the attorney responsible for creating the template for much of the anti-immigration voter legislation on the books around the country. Kris Kobach was the Kansas secretary of state before he went to Trump’s White House. Kobach was charged with finding evidence of voter fraud.

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When the Kansan politician could find no evidence, the White House commission was disbanded. In fact, its finding reinforced the proof that there was no widespread voter fraud.

One of the reasons that Republicans have been so hot to prove voter fraud was that theirs is a dwindling party. The number of Democrats and independents in this country far outweigh the GOP numbers. Therefore, the Republicans need severe gerrymandering, which the conservative-heavy Supreme Court supported this year. The GOP needs vote suppression and accusations of voter fraud to keep the Senate.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has been quietly and not so quietly stuffing the courts with very conservative judges and justices, but that would all stop if the Democrats took the Senate. McConnell stole President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court justice by not letting the candidate speak to the senators during an election year. When someone asked McConnell what he would do if the situation repeated itself, if another person needed to fill a spot on the Court this year? He laughed and told the individual that he would go for it.

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