Mueller Makes Trump Prosecution After Presidency Announcement


One of the basic rules of the legal business is that an attorney should never ask a question to which he or she does not know the answer. Apparently, not every Republican knows that. They also may not know much about respect. One Republican member of the House Judiciary Committee hearing called the Marine hero “unpatriotic.” Another Republican tried to argue that there was no basis for the entire volume II of his report. These acts came back to bite one member of the GOP — hard.

Representative Ken Buck (R-CO) asked Mueller to respond to a question he probably would not have asked had he known the answer to it

‘Could you charge the president with a crime after he left office?’

Former special counsel Robert Mueller III answered as he answered most questions in three words or less:


The former FBI director who served a very rare two terms has always been brief, thoughtful, and his intelligence has shone through brightly. The brevity of his answers has given a powerful punch to his responses.

When Mueller replied “Yes,” Buck appeared startled. He asked the question again, perhaps hoping to get a different response. He asked whether the former special counsel believed a president could be charged with obstruction of justice after leaving office. Maybe, Buck thought that the former special counsel did not hear him.

Mueller said he believe that was so. Then, he pointed the Republican to the Department of Justice’s regulations. Those prevented the special counsel from indicting a sitting president while in office. Therefore, Mueller could not indict Trump.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.

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