Trump Makes Up Random Words During Wednesday Speech Like A Loon


Donald Trump has said he never had a drink, because he learned the lesson when his older brother died from alcoholism. That made sense, sort of, so people accepted it. Yet, POTUS lies so frequently, why should we believe that he really is a teetotaller? He has made a few missteps in his speeches recently that make people wonder.

Granted, yesterday must have been one of the most stressful in Trump’s life with Robert Mueller III testifying before the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees. People tend to go to the darkest possible outcome when they do not know what to expect, and Trump’s mind has been pretty dark already. Maybe, the president had another form of substance abuse or he started just losing it. Whatever the reason, the president cracked. journalist Aaron Rupar captured the bloopers on video:

‘…. goodness gracious, what did Trump just try to say here? “Infantroopen”? ‘

This was Ruper’s second get, which will be something people will enjoy for quite some time:

‘”lawmarkers” — Trump is having some trouble today’

In Trump’s speech at the Pentagon, he mangled his words so badly the audience was confused and had a difficult time trying to understand what POTUS was saying. At one point in his speech, he appeared to say “and the combat infratroopen badge for his service.” Excuse me? Almost no one had ever heard of the “infratroopen” badge. Was that something new where the White House turns the thermostat up high and people leap off of tall antique pieces of furniture without a parachute?

Then, the leader of the free world went on and spoke about “lawnmarkers.” Was that where the president had secret service members run out and place a big gold ‘X” on the White House lawn, so he could find his perfect camera angle as he took reporters questions? Apparently, he meant “lawmakers.” As for the “infratroopen” badge, well that is still up in the air.

The public might have told POTUS to go take a mental health day, if he had not already had so many of them — nearly every weekend at his golf resorts. It seemed that they did not take.

Twitter world caught fire. Check out some of our favorites below:

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