Baltimore Mayor Responds To Trump’s Infantile Attacks Like A Boss


Donald Trump wants to stir up his base so that more of them will get out and vote for him in the 2020 presidential election. He knows that he has lost all Democrats. He has also lost many independents who voted for him, because they believed his lies about being a successful businessman. POTUS only has two pathways to winning the next election. The first is that he motivates those who fear black anger. Trump stirred the coals of this until they have caught fire.  The other way for him to win is for the Russians to help him, just like they did in 2016. After all, this commander-in-chief knows Secretary Hillary Clinton is the true president of these United States, and he cannot bear that thought.

As a result, Trump has been walking around with matches to light any fire he can. He hit Baltimore, Maryland’s representative and chair of the most powerful committee in the House, the Oversight Committee, Elijah Cummings (D-MD). Trump railed against Baltimore on a morning where the California Garlic Festival exploded in a mass shooting, and a six-year-old boy lost his life along with others.

CNN’s John Berman interviewed Baltimore Mayor Bernard “Jack” Young who reacted to Trump’s rhetoric about his urban center. Young told Berman this about Donald Trump:

‘I would like to tell him, stop tweeting. ‘No president in modern history of the office of the president has done any childish behavior like this president has exhibited. If he really wants to, he needs to send us federal assistance, not only to Baltimore but cities around this country, that are in the same situation that Baltimore is in.’

Then, Young continued:

‘He’s the most powerful man on the face of the Earth as president of the United States of America. This is below a president to do these kind of things. He should be uniting this country instead of racially dividing us. A president has never in my lifetime exhibited this type of behavior. He’s alienated our allies around the country. What else is he going to do?’

Berman said:

‘The president claims he’s talking about the conditions in the city of Baltimore. Let me ask you, you’ve been mayor of the city since May, has he reached out to you once since you’ve been mayor to talk about conditions?’

Young responded:

‘No, he has never reached out, He had a pledge, that he was going to do infrastructure. We’re still waiting on that. We have an aging infrastructure in the city of Baltimore for unfunded mandate by the EPA for us to correct it, and we have to constantly raise water rates on the poor people of the city of Baltimore. We’re a poor city. Do we have, you know, problems? Yeah. We have problems with crime and everything else, just like any other major city, just like the city that his person — Mitch McConnell — represents has these problems.’

The reporter asked the mayor:

Do you think these attacks are even really about your city, or about something else?’

Mayor Young responded:

‘I think it’s about dividing this country. If you look, he attacked four minority women and didn’t even do the research to find out three were born here and one is a naturalized citizen now. Then he attacked one of the most powerful congressmen in the country, Elijah Cummings, who represented Baltimore as well. He has a pattern of attacking people of color.’

Young continued:

‘If you want to help us, help us. Don’t talk about us. Send the resources that we need to rebuild America. He’s talking about he wants to make America great again, put the money in the cities that need it the most. That’s where you can make America great again. What he’s doing is, he’s making America the laughingstock of the world … Our country is in turmoil under his leadership.’

Young noted that Baltimore was a city with many issues, not unlike many urban centers but:

‘It’s because of the constant reduction in (federal) funding for cities like Baltimore.’

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