Republican ‘Legend’ Announces Sudden Retirement – GOP Exodus Accelerates


The Republican Party has cleaved itself into two parts. There is the more traditional Republican who apparently has been holding his or her breath until Donald Trump leaves office. Then, there are the new Republicans, the ones who bow and scrape before POTUS, kissing the hem of his garments. This has been called the party of Trump. Something has started happening to the traditional Republicans, and it is not good.

The fourth Republican has announced he or she is leaving the Grand Old Party (GOP) in less than two weeks. Apparently, they were not tough enough to stick it out until 2020. Plus, there was no promise that the president would actually lose to the Democrats. After all, Trump has hinted at staying another term or two.

Republican Representative Rob Bishop (R-UT) announced Monday he will not be seeking another term in the House of Representatives, Bishop told The Deseret News:

‘I am not going to run for governor because I am bored or want a job.’

Bishop told the Deseret News in 2012 that he had decided to leave Congress should he lose his committee leadership position. Yet just this month, he announced he was thinking about another run. Bishop was first elected to the House in 2002, and he has been the leading Republican on the House National Resources Committee.

The Utah representative had the longest record in the House among all his state’s representatives. Bishop said he was still considering a run for governor given the right circumstances.

Other recently retiring Republican representatives included: Paul Mitchell (MI), Pete Olson (TX), and Martha Roby (AK). Since Utah has been a fairly conservative, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) indicated that they are comfortable that they will be able to retain Bishop’s seat in the next election in 2020. Clearly, being in the minority has not been much fun, though.

NRCC spokesperson Chris Pack released a statement:

‘This seat is an R+26.’

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