Trump Responds To Mass Shooting At Garlic Festival & People Get Pissed


Sunday evening brought chaos at one of the biggest food festivals in the country, leaving three people dead, including a six year old boy. A man opened fire at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in central California, near the San Fransisco Bay area. The annual 3-day event, attended by thousands of people every year, will forever be stained by the terror that was inflicted on everyone present last night.

Below are some tweets about that shooting:

Now, the president has spoken out about the shooting, and as per the usual, what he said has Americans wanting a whole lot more. Not more talking, but more content. Trump just said this about the mass shooting:

“We reaffirm our national will to answer violence with the courage, determination and resolve of one American family. We will continue to work together as communities and as citizens to stop evil, prevent violence and protect the safety of all Americans.”

More tweets from the shooting follow:

The president continued:

“We thank the brave members of law enforcement—they never let us down—who swiftly killed the shooter.”

Check out the video below via the White House Twitter page and watch him read from the teleprompter, like a zombie::

People were immediately befuddled as to why the president even continues to comment on tragic events when he clearly doesn’t have a sympathetic bone in his body. The reactions people left in the comment section of the tweet speak volumes of how people are feeling about Trump.