Trump On Racist Comments: ‘I Think I’m Helping Myself’


When Donald Trump speaks to the people of America one thing is certain: he will lie, probably many times. His lies are often blatantly transparent, yet he tells them anyway. At times, he sounds like a carnival hawker: step right in, see the person with the biggest brain and most words ever. This was his latest hawk.

For the past several weeks, Trump has been bleeding his racism all over the Democrats, Baltimore, and the revered Representative Elijah Cummings(D-MD). Yet, he has claimed that he thought he helped himself with his negative words attacking black people and lawmakers of color. Then, the president claimed he was “the least racist person there is anywhere in the world,” The USA Today newspaper reported:

‘I think I’m helping myself (over) the tremendous corruption (in Baltimore and like cities).’ I am the least racist person there is anywhere in the world.’

Yet, this weekend the president went after Cummings as he spoke about Baltimore, which is included in the representative’s district. The commander-in-chief called the city:

‘…a disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess. (that) no human would want to live there (and it was) far worse and more dangerous (than the Mexico border).’

Trump continued hammering Baltimore saying:

‘(The city has) been very badly mishandled for many years … The people are living in hell in Baltimore (but he would visit) at the right time.’

Baltimore Mayor Bernard “Jack” Young (D) was asked about the president’s attacks on the city. He immediately called them “racist” bids for votes:

‘We do have our problem/ I just think the president should focus more on America as a place where we can live as one nation, not divided by race.’

Beginning on July 14, Trump tweeted his attack on the “Squad.” The group consists of four freshman congresswomen of color who have spoken openly about POTUS. In his remarks, Trump told them to “go back” where they came from. That would have been Massachusetts, Minnesota, Michigan, and New York. They are all U.S. citizens. Only Ilhan Omar (D-MN) was a Somali refugee fleeing war-torn Somalia. She had been in America since she was 12-years-old.

The 2020 presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden said:

‘…the fact that President Trump continues to use the power of the presidency to unleash racist attacks on the people he serves is despicable.’

Trump told reporters at the White House he saw Biden as the favorite to win the 2020 nomination:

“I think he’ll limp across the line.’

The presidential candidates in Detroit have already addressed Trump’s racial divide. Clearly, that should come up as a question on the candidates’ debate stage.

As Trump flew to Jamestown, Virginia to celebrate its 400th year anniversary, he spoke to reporters. They asked him whether he agreed with The Washington Post column calling Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) a “Russian asset” for not allowing the federal election security legislation on the floor of the Senate. The president responded:

‘I think the Washington Post is a Russian asset.’

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