W.H. Staffers Defect & Leak Inside Details Of Trump Racism To NY Times


President Donald Trump has yet again taken to racism in an attempt to drive his political agenda, singling out Democratic Maryland Congressman Elijah Cummings, who is black, for days of harsh criticism. He’s called Cummings’s district “disgusting, rat and rodent infested” and suggested that the sometimes harsh inner-city conditions are the Congressman’s own fault, indicating an extremely rudimentary at best understanding of the way things work. According to The New York Times, some staffers inside the White House are freaking out over the president’s mess, even as he himself apparently parades it behind the scenes as “smart strategy.”

Few if any had seemed to confront the president about his behavior, but when he’s lost the people who were willing to come work for him despite, well, his nature in the first place — Trump has gone really, really far off into the deep end. The Times says that “several advisers said they were aghast that he was making such a target of Mr. Cummings” and “sounded defeated as they talked about a tweetstorm they hoped would end soon,” although there’s not any particular indication it will. They’ve had apparently no success with even coming up with a strategy to eventually, down the line confront the president about his behavior. The publication adds that “officials expressed agreement during a senior staff meeting on Monday morning that the president’s attacks were a bad move,” but they remained “uncertain who could intervene with him — or if anyone would even dare try.”

This meltdown over Cummings is far from the first in which the president has singled out people of color for especially harsh criticism. Just recently, he took to demanding that a group of four progressive women of color in Congress “go back where they came from,” although three of them were born in the United States and all are citizens. On Twitter, Trump proudly tied his criticism of these women to his incessant whining about Cummings, willfully ignorant of the racist fire he was spreading across American democracy. He railed on the platform that if “Democrats are going to defend the Radical Left ‘Squad’ and King Elijah’s Baltimore Fail, it will be a long road to 2020.”

His attacks on Cummings come after the Congressman’s Oversight Committee approved subpoenas for communications between staffers including Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner that they sent via private, unofficial channels. Kushner has been reported — among other things — to have communicated with murderous Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman via WhatsApp, and Ivanka has maintained her own apparent private email at times. These communications could violate records laws and those for the handling of classified information.

Trump’s obsession with people of color in the opposition might not pay off electorally, even with the racists he’s pandering to. Ironically, he’s even managed at least half-hearted condemnation from key conservative members of his own party like House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows of North Carolina, who insisted that “no one works harder for his district than” Cummings, adding that the Congressman is “passionate about the people he represents.”

2020 Democrats have themselves condemned the president’s behavior, and a Democratic presidential nominee emerging to take on Trump in the general election is only getting closer.

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