Ben Carson Suffers Widespread Public Humiliation (IMAGES)


Ben Carson is a shill. He votes with his bank account, not with his heart, and he has been rich so long that he’s forgotten how real humans live every day in America. Carson was a pediatric neurosurgeon for over 30 years at John’s Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, but in those three decades, Carson apparently got no loyalty towards the city.

The second Trump turned his back on the city, Carson was right behind him to back him up, and now, people in Baltimore are taking notice.

Wednesday, Carson went to Baltimore to defend the president’s attacks, which did not go over well at all according to CBS Baltimore, who reported the following:

“Dr. Ben Carson, the U.S. Housing & Urban Development Secretary, was in Baltimore Wednesday to talk about opportunity zones and federal programs that might help Baltimore revitalize its poorest communities. This comes days after President Donald Trump tweeted that the city was a “rat and rodent-infested mess.”

Carson said the following after being kicked off the property:

“When we’re talking about helping people. This is the level we have sunken to in society.”

“There are a lot of excellent and wonderful people here. and there are a lot of good places in Baltimore as well. But there are problems and we can’t sweep them under the rug.”

Carson continued:

“The federal government has invested a lot of money into Baltimore and will continue to do so. But you can see from looking around, there are problems here in Baltimore.”

Carson lamented about having to send kids he’d worked on back into infested neighborhoods:

“Where there were rats, roaches, mice, and ticks. where there was just an unabated lead problem that was having devastating effects on the mental development of young people.”

“Somehow — I guess that’s how God works — I ended up as the Secretary of HUD. And we can actually deal with these issues.”