Trump Tries To Distract America From Wednesday Debates & Fails Miserably


For the past two nights, the Democratic candidates have squared off in a CNN hosted Presidential Debate. After last night’s broadcast, as you probably expected, Trump has been in a tizzy of epic proportions. Also, not surprising, he went one step further with his now commonplace racist attacks, this time focusing on CNN’s Don Lemon. Ironically, Trump was using Lemon as a punching bag, while trying to explain how he was the “least racist person in the world,” as if that’s believable.

Earlier on Wednesday, Trump tweeted:

Continuing with his jealousy this evening, while Night 2 of the debates were live, he tweeted out this little gem:

It backfired beautifully. Check out the response:

It’s Trump who is desperate, and it shows!

Right after tweeting that out, Trump did one of his famous “deflect and distract” moves, and decided to completely go off-topic from tonight’s debates (which were airing when he did this) and tweet about Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell, who Trump himself appointed, stating:

Trump is trying to blame Powell for what America is now learning — that the U.S. Economy that Trump has been boasting about for 2 years is actually failing — by stating that Powell took too long to “correct the mistake that they made last December,” when in fact, the failing economy is due to the complete and total disaster that Trump’s own tax cut for the rich has caused. This distraction tactic did not go over well with people in the Twitterverse who are actually rational thinkers and know Trump’s motives are to get them to tune in to HIM and not the Democratic candidates, and they shredded him for it!

Don’t even think for a second that this tweet-storm is his way of showing his strength, because it’s not. This is him showing weakness. He’s desperate, he hates the fact that a few of the Democratic candidates debating this week are more popular than he is, and he will do whatever he can to keep your attention. Tonight’s effort on his part was pathetic.

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