Trump Jr. Gets Publicly Humiliated By ‘Comedy Central’s’ Twitter Account


It takes a big ego to run for president of these United States. Certainly, the sitting president has a high opinion of himself. Yet, beneath this exterior of toughness, there lurk decades of insecurity. After all, Donald Trump knows that the Russians helped him win, so he lashes out at any question of his authority.

Just today, Donald Trump Jr. tweeted that the “next round of debates” should be at Comedy Central. He should stay far, far away from the humor stick, because he just has not shown he has any genuine humor himself, and the debates were far from amusing. Jr. tweeted:

Comedy Central should really be the host of the next round of these debates. #DemDebate’

In fact, the second night of Democratic debates was far from funny. The candidates fired criticism about the flooding caused by unusually destructive floods resulting from climate change. They spoke about Trump Sr. ripping refugee children out of their mothers’ arms and putting them in cages

The 10 Democratic candidates talked about health care for everyone via a variety of programs as diabetics divide their insulin, because it cost so much. Some of them die. The president’s eldest son just did not have the right words for this somber occasion.

Twitter world went bananas. Check out some of our favorites and tell us what you think:

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