Trump Brags About Elijah Cummings Being Robbed & Gets Gobsmacked


President Donald Trump won’t let much get in the way of his angry politics. This week, after it came out that the Baltimore home of the area’s Democratic Congressman Elijah Cummings had been broken into, Trump posted a dismissive message on Twitter. In the previous days, Trump had taken it upon himself to incessantly stump against the leader. Now, he’s taken it so far that as president of the United States he’s getting on social media only one step away from explicit glee over the fact that the same opponent of his had his home broken into.

He shared:

‘Really bad news! The Baltimore house of Elijah Cummings was robbed. Too bad!’

It’s not basic human nature to share the phrase “Too bad!” when discussing an issue that you take seriously. Why is the president even touting this piece of information in the first place? He might be intending to tie it into the campaign he’s launched to try and paint Baltimore as one of the worst areas in the country in terms of crime. Along those lines, he claimed recently that conditions there are worse than those in the Central American country Honduras, although like with his past claims against Chicago, his pointing to a high murder rate ignores many other unique, complicating factors of then situation. Besides, Cummings is not personally responsible for volatile inner city conditions, no matter if Trump wants to throw out claims of conspiracy to redirect federal funds (which he rambled about on Twitter the other day).

Cummings’ home was broken into, ironically enough, in the hours before Trump launched his initial tirade at the Congressman Saturday morning. It’s unclear if any property was stolen, and local authorities seem to be treating the incident as part of an active investigation as of this Friday.

Check out Twitter’s response….

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