Trump Supporters Unfurl Massive Banners At Baltimore Orioles Game


As President Donald Trump continues to careen his re-election campaign towards 2020, four of his supporters took their support to a new extreme in Baltimore this week. At a Baltimore Orioles baseball game at the Camden Yards stadium, they unfurled a massive banner with pro-Trump messages including his 2020 campaign slogan “Keep America Great!” and “Trump 2020.” Reportedly, within about ten minutes, the people behind the sign were being escorted out of the stadium by stadium staff and local police following a chant breaking out of “Take it down!”

Check out some video footage of the incident below, which apparently unfolded during the eighth inning of the game. Camden Yards has an explicit policy against bringing banners out that have commercial or political messages, so these pro-Trump crusaders got so petty they were even challenging the duly established regulations of a sports stadium.

Baltimore itself has been a major flashpoint in conversation involving and surrounding Trump himself recently. Last weekend, he tore into local Democratic Congressman Elijah Cummings following the House Oversight Committee, which he chairs, approving subpoenas for private communications among White House officials that did not comply with recordkeeping and security laws. That covers items like private emails from Ivanka Trump and WhatsApp messages that her husband Jared Kushner has reportedly exchanged with Saudi Arabian dictator Mohammed bin Salman, who he’s palled around with and stumped for.

Trump has repeatedly publicly criticized crime and supposed filth in Baltimore, blaming Cummings himself for the malaise. To that end, the president trotted out claims of some kind of conspiracy to redirect federal funds away from public service that might involve Cummings, but there is no apparent evidence for this whatsoever. Still, the endless whining has clearly energized his base — it’s not like these Trump fanatics unfurled their banner in the middle of Kansas. They were running on and seeking the attention that would follow confrontation.

As recently as Friday morning, Trump continued his criticism of Cummings, seeming to many to mock the fact that his home was broken into. He quipped on Twitter that the break-in was “Too bad!” Ironically, the incident at the Baltimore residence happened in the early morning hours before Trump started his ranting last Saturday. Still — we’ve reached the point where the president of the United States is getting on social media to treat the physical confrontation of a sitting Congressman with the amount of flippancy one might approach a grocery store not having the brand of cookies you came in for.

The United States runs on a lot more seriousness than that!

Trump’s criticism of Cummings fits into a clearly established pattern of him going after people of color who disagree with him. In recent weeks, some of his other targets have been the progressive women of color in Congress who together are sometimes known as “The Squad” and who the president insisted should go back where they came from. Before that, some of his favorite targets in Congress were Maxine Waters and John Lewis — also people of color. It’s not like Trump is publicly up in arms over Joe Kennedy (a prominent progressive white guy).

Featured Image via screenshot