El Paso Lt. Gov. Turns Walmart Massacre Into Anti-Antifa Spectacle For Trump


The Republican Lt. Governor in El Paso, Texas just showed his ass to the world after a massacre at his local Walmart store claimed the lives of 22, according to some reports. Dan Patrick wasted no time in picking right up after the president’s lead to warn activist group ANTIFA to say out of El Paso, and Texas in general, as if we live in the wild west or something.

The Lt. Governor can no more tell Americans to stay out of El Paso than he can make it to the position of actual governor, but he went on this ridiculous rant somehow connecting the non-violent activist group with the shooting.

Patrick said this to ATIFA members Saturday afternoon:

“Stay out of El Paso. Stay out of TX … scratch TX off your map and don’t come in … it is not the time and place for them to come at any time… stay out of TX.”

Twitter was not amused whatsoever that the Lt. Governor of El Paso would turn the massacre of countless people into a political stunt for the president’s amusement, and they  had plenty to say about it in the comments. Check out some of those remarks below: