Trump Retweets White Supremacist During Weekend Twitter Freakout


President Donald Trump continues to use Twitter to conduct some alleged semblance of foreign policy. As trade negotiations with U.S. partners continue to stall, he took to the platform to reassure Americans that everything was supposedly going just fine, and he blatantly lied about the trade situation with China in the process. Why does he expect anyone to take him seriously when he’s floating off in his ego fantasy, disconnected from reality? Democrats are coming for the Oval Office, running on the fumes of this Hail Mary, outlandish behavior from Trump, who’s fumbling basic tenets of the economy.

Trump railed:

‘Countries are coming to us wanting to negotiate REAL trade deals, not the one sided horror show deals made by past administrations. They don’t want to be targeted for Tariffs by the U.S. Things are going along very well with China. They are paying us Tens of Billions of Dollars, made possible by their monetary devaluations and pumping in massive amounts of cash to keep their system going. So far our consumer is paying nothing – and no inflation. No help from Fed!’

That’s not true! The prices of washing machines alone have gone up by at least 12 percent in the wake of the tariffs that the Trump administration has imposed on imported washing machines, and it’s far from just that. American farmers continue to struggle under the weight of the retaliatory tariffs other countries have imposed, besides the numerous other American industries affected by Trump moving to cut off imports of items like steel and aluminum. Consumers and businesses have been paying a lot more than “nothing.”

Besides this nonsense, among other material, Trump also yet again retweeted far-right British nationalist Katie Hopkins this Saturday morning, who in one of the posts referred to London Mayor Sadiq Khan as “nipple-height.” So in other words, this weekend the president of the United States got on social media to call an opponent “nipple-height.” Welcome to Trumpland.

Check out Twitter’s response…