Top Trump Goon Appears On ‘ABC Sunday’ & Gets Humiliated In Seconds


This weekend, some thirty people lost their lives in two separate mass shootings at distant places in the United States. Twenty were killed in El Paso, and at least nine were killed in Dayton, Ohio. When discussing the incidents on ABC’s This Week with host Jonathan Karl, acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney had little to no answers about a way forward within the Trump administration for dealing with this issue. Instead, he just tried  to bat down the suggestion that his boss President Donald Trump spouting virulent nationalist rhetoric that showed up in one of these shooters’ manifestos means he should bear even a shred of responsibility for the conditions sparking these incidents. According to Mulvaney, the shootings are evidence of some broad “social” issue and we must “heal” the U.S. to move forward — but no way, no how does his boss telling immigrants to go back where they came from have anything to do with the anti-immigrant shooter opening fire in an immigrant community of El Paso. Talk about a loyal stooge.

Mulvaney told Karl:

‘There’s no benefit here to trying to make this a political issue. This is a social issue, and we need to address it as that.’


Mulvaney may have the privilege of sitting on national television and claiming that the weekend’s incidents aren’t political issues, but those who were killed in El Paso by a gunman spouting explicitly anti-immigrant rhetoric like that given an air of legitimacy by Donald Trump’s rise do not have that same privilege.

The host shot back:

‘What do you say to Americans who look at what happened in El Paso and say that the president’s rhetoric is in part to blame?’

Mulvaney’s answer did not address the rhetoric that his boss had spewed. Apparently there’s a clause in his nondisclosure agreement or something prohibiting him from acknowledging even a hint of mistake making on Trump’s part. It’s possible, since he replied:

‘The president is just as saddened by this as you are. The president is just as angered by this as you are, and wants to do something about it just as much as everybody else does. I hate to draw attention to the manifesto, but if you go and look at it, what the guy says is he’s felt this way a long time since before Donald Trump was elected president. This was a sick person… No politician is to blame.’

Watch some more of his appearance:

Trump, for his part, has also consistently refused to acknowledge any issues with his remarks.

After he recently told four progressive women of color in Congress to “go back where they came from,” he said he didn’t have a “racist bone” in his body and was the “least racist person in the world.” Mulvaney claimed this weekend that the first call Trump made after hearing of the weekend’s atrocities was to Attorney General William Barr to see what could be done to keep similar events from unfolding in the future — but we’ll wait and see if their chaotic administration actually manages something.

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