Trump Caught Stiffing El Paso Texas Out Of $470,000 For Rally


Donald Trump was notorious for running up a bill with small subcontractors then stiffing them. He knew that if they took him to court, he had the backing to outlast them. Finally, the subcontractors would give up, and Trump would pocket their money. He has not stopped.

Apparently, the president pledged the complete support of the federal government after the deadly mass shooting at Walmart. That sounded good, but did POTUS really mean it? After all, the president has owed the city almost half a million dollars since February.

El Paso has been billing the Trump campaign for six months for what he owes for transportation and security services during his February campaign rally, according to local ABC affiliate KSAT:

The city departments included police, buses, and the health department among others. Even though city officials have been sending Trump invoices, they have received zero response.

El Paso sent Trump a letter in May that read:

‘We are contacting you regarding the past due invoice(s) listed above. We realize this may been a oversight on your part; however, your account with the city of El Paso is extremely past due… Further, the city may choose to not enter into a contract with an individual that is indebted to the city for more than $100.’

City Councilwoman Alexandra Annello spoke to the local newspaper in June:

‘It shows a lack of concern for the community and the tax paying voters of El Paso. President Trump has in many ways, over the last year, put a financial burden on this community and has yet to show us the respect we deserve. It is clear that our borderland is not a priority of the president.’

Trump decided to do a dueling campaign rally with Beto O’Rourke. The El Paso Times reported that he carted in:

‘…thousands of supporters Trump brought thousands of supporters to the Sun City in February for a “Make America Great Again” rally. Former El Paso Congressman Beto O’Rourke also racked up a bill for services provided for his counter rally the same day. He paid his $21,000 bill earlier this summer.’

When Trump was building his Atlantic City casino in 1980, he hired a Philadelphia cabinet-builder. Edward Friel Jr. was thrilled with the $400,00 contract to build the slot machine bases, registration desks, bars, and additional cabinets for Harrah’s at Trump Plaza, according to The USA Today newspaper.

Friel’s father started the business in the 1940s. The son finished Trump’s cabinetry in 1984 and submitted the company’s final bill to the Trump Organization general contractor.

That final bill of $83,600 meant the difference between survival and the end of a three-generation business. The grandson said the money never came:

‘That began the demise of the Edward J. Friel Company… which has been around since my grandfather.’

Should the president’s 2020 campaign refuse to pay his bill, El Paso would have no alternative but to just absorb Trump’s costs.

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