Hillary Shows Trump How To President With Gun Violence Announcement


Right before Donald Trump announced he was running for president, a photo surfaced showing two people sitting at a table with Russian President Vladimir Putin in December 2015. One was the president’s future National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. The other was the 2016 Green candidate for president Jill Stein. The Trump campaign and votes for Jill Stein flipped the election for the sitting president. Should Secretary Hillary Clinton be president now?

Certainly, the two-pronged Russian attack probably cost Clinton the election, given that she only lost by 80,000 votes in the iron-belt regions and won the popular vote by three million votes. The woman who would have been president rarely makes public statements. Yet, after the terrible tragedy of the mass shootings, she spoke to the country:

‘People suffer from mental illness in every other country on earth; people play video games in virtually every other country on earth. The difference is the guns.’

Many people did not like Clinton and figured let’s try Trump. Now, those people can imagine what the country would be like had she taken the role as first woman president in the nation’s history.

She lacked charisma. Instead, she was logical and straight-forward, just like the tweet she just sent out. The Trump showmanship and white nationalist rhetoric moved people to act out in violent ways. It only has taken a very few to cause such tragedies in a moment — nine died. In less than 10 minutes — 22 died in mass shootings. The question is what will the country do next?

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