Trump Addresses The Nation After Mass Shootings Claim 29 Lives


This week, Americans across the country have been terrorized after multiple mass shootings claimed the lives of over 30 people. It all started two Sunday’s ago at a Garlic festival in Gilroy, California, then came a massacre at a Walmart near the Mexican border, and just hours later, even more people lost their lives at a bar in Dayton Ohio.

The last two shooters were white supremacists who left writings proclaiming their hatred of dark-skinned people. Those two men alone killed 29 people on Saturday.

Now the president is addressing the nation, and what he said has some people shocked:

That’s right, he actually named white supremacists, which is a huge step for the president who called nazis ‘fine people’ in 2018 after one of them mowed down a Black Lives Matter activist with his car.

Now, all we need is comprehensive gun control laws and an all-out ban of assault weapons in this country. This is something Trump knows he can’t do because his base are beer-chugging, gun-loving rednecks in the middle of the country.

People responding to ABC’s tweet weren’t too thrilled with the president. Check out the angriest reactions below: