Trump Attacks China After DOW Drops 900 Points Because Of Tariff Retaliation


Donald Trump may be losing it. We can always tell when someone else has written his speech for him, because he reads it with all the enthusiasm of a grocery list. Even though someone else wrote it with an error, POTUS should have noticed when he was talking about something as tragic and historic as a mass murder in Dayton, Ohio — not Toledo. Now, the president is talking about another one of his crazy ideas.

Thirty years ago Trump decided that tariffs were the solution to all the economic ills in the country. After China fought back against the president’s tariffs, the China-America trade war caused the stock market to drop like a rock, over 700 points making it the worst financial day of the year. The president tweeted:

‘Based on the historic currency manipulation by China, it is now even more obvious to everyone that Americans are not paying for the Tariffs – they are being paid for compliments of China, and the U.S. is taking in tens of Billions of Dollars! China has always….’

Then, POTUS continued his attack on China for supposedly stealing our factories and hurting our jobs, which was not even close to accurate:

‘….used currency manipulation to steal our businesses and factories, hurt our jobs, depress our workers’ wages and harm our farmers’ prices. Not anymore!’

Trump continued, indicating that he thought China had been taking “hundreds of billions of dollars” from America. Again, the president was wrong. The U.S. companies decided to move manufacturing plants to China to reduce the expense of wages and make a bigger profit:

‘China is intent on continuing to receive the hundreds of Billions of Dollars they have been taking from the U.S. with unfair trade practices and currency manipulation. So one-sided, it should have been stopped many years ago!’

Twitter world went wild. Check some of our favorite tweets below and see what you think:

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