TX House Rep. Tells Trump To Stay Out Of El Paso After Walmart Massacre


Not everyone in conservative states agree with Donald Trump’s ways of governing, proving that there is intelligent life in these places after all. Trump came out Monday to condemn white supremacy in a heavily scripted speech that he struggled to read off the teleprompter, leading many to believe it was the first time he’d ever seen it.

What the president did not do, however, was place an immediate ban on assault weapons, nor did a speak of any sweeping legislation that he would back to stop some of the gun violence in America.

In response, Texas House Representative Veronica Escobar has this message for the president:

“From my perspective he [Trump] is not welcome here. He should not come here while we are in mourning.”

“I would encourage the president’s staff members to have him do a little self-reflection. I would encourage them to show him his own words and his actions at the rallies because we’re not going to get past this until there’s acknowledgment from the very top that we need to heal.”

Escobar continued:

“That this whole country is hurting, that here has been bigotry and racism and hatred that has been stoked at all levels, and as the president he has the most significant authority and responsibility to show this country to heal … and now is the time, and he needs to accept responsibility, everyone does, for what has gotten us to this point.”

Here is the video from that interview below:

Trump said this Monday morning, but it just wasn’t enough for people who are sick of talk with no action: