Beto Tells Trump To Stay The Hell Out Of El Paso: “JESUS CHRIST!”


Donald Trump revved up the crowds during his 2020 presidential campaign rallies. Then, he smiled and let them unwind on their own — or not. A man used the president’s own campaign message in the rant he left behind. It is illegal to call “fire” in a movie theater. The president knew exactly what he was inciting, and now he wants to do this?

Former representative and 2020 presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke was born and raised in El Paso, Texas. It has been one of the safest cities in the country until one of Trump minions, a white nationalist, decided to come down armed with military-grade weapons and murder 22 people. Another 26 were severely injured. His gun was so powerful, it broke people’s bones.

The city has been mourning, just barely beginning to heal. They do not want to see the man who incited the mass murderer to kill. Rightfully very angry, Beto O’Rourke spoke these words to power:

‘This president, who helped create the hatred that made Saturday’s tragedy possible, should not come to El Paso. We do not need more division. We need to heal. He has no place here.’

Representative Veronica Escobar (D-TX) told MSNBC’s Morning Joe:

‘From my perspective he [Trump] is not welcome here. He should not come here while we are in mourning.’

Several Democratic presidential candidates have come down on white nationalism. Former Vice President Joe Biden (D) and Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) also demanded an end to gun violence.

Twitter world took off. So what you think of these favorite responses:

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