Kellyanne Spews Delirious Fox News Rant Blaming Bernie & Warren For Dayton


Kellyanne Conway is a special person. She is willing to do anything for a buck, including sell her soul and dignity to Donald Trump, the laughing stock of the world. Numerous times, Conway has gotten in front of a camera to defend Trump in any way possible, even when it’s literally impossible. From alternative facts to the fictional Bowling Green Massacre, Kellyanne has become a truly hated figure of the Trump Administration.

So when Kellyanne went on television Tuesday morning to rant about the recent shootings, people got especially pissed off that she had the nerve to blame Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders for the numerous deaths this weekend.

Kellyanne said this:

“Let me tell you something. I’m hopping mad this morning because I see very little scant coverage of the fact that the Dayton shooter has been confirmed as having a Twitter feed that was supportive of Antifa, that was supportive of Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders.”

“Everybody needs to stop preening in front of the cameras. Stop raising money — Elizabeth Warren, I’m talking to you — for Senate candidates off of this, and stand up and work with us.”

Here is the interview:

People were immediately furious that Sanders and Warren, two gun reform advocates, for the shootings that took 22 lives. We found a bunch of tweets responding to Kellyanne that weren’t too nice. Check them out below: