#GreenShirtGuy Goes Viral After Mocking Crybaby Trump Supporters


President Donald Trump continues to enact his reckless campaign of chaos across the United States, and one man down in Arizona this week had enough. At a Tuesday night Tucson City Council meeting on a citizen-led initiative to make the locale a “sanctuary city,” a man named Alex Kack who’s since gone viral as “#GreenShirtGuy” was caught on camera cracking up when a couple of angry pro-Trump demonstrators begun shouting towards the end of the meeting about how supposedly wrong the whole thing was.

Check it out:

Most of the shouting from the pair of the president’s supporters came from the one woman, who made her voice heard — literally — against the idea that enacting “sanctuary city” legislation was appropriate as an option in the first place. After the council voted to officially put the idea on the November ballot following citizens collecting the appropriate number of signatures, she belligerently asserted that only Congress had the right to make immigration enforcement policy decisions and so on and so forth. As she loudly shouts as people leave the room, the man in a green shirt was filmed cracking up at the outburst, which continues as others in the room shout for the pair to shut up and quip that they’re “in direct violation of being a jackass!”

Tens of thousands of tweets had been posted with the #GreenShirtGuy hashtag as of mid-Wednesday afternoon. Comedienne Kathy Griffin was one of the many to chime in, sharing:

‘[T]hank you #GreenShirtGuy Our new collective reaction! This reaction applies to whenever those fools chant and whenever Orange Dumbass appears.’

A widely circulated Marine Corps veteran named Robert Home added:

#GreenShirtGuy is a true American hero. The dude who told her she’s in danger of being a moron is pretty awesome also.’

And actor Patton Oswalt summed up a general internet mood when he added:

I love you #GreenShirtGuy. I love you #GreenShirtGuy. I truly, truly, truly love you #GreenShirtGuy.’

The laudatory statements go on well from there. Funnily fittingly enough, the popularity of the figure stands in stark contrast to the guy he’s clearly against. Donald Trump has never really broken even a definitive 50 percent approval level among the population, but this guy’s got tens of thousands of tweets in his honor within a day.

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