Trump Sends Out Military Tweet That Really Gets Under People’s Skin


There is a terrible division happening right now. Donald Trump is almost tearing himself apart over the El Dorado, Texas and Dayton, Ohio shooting massacres. Part of him knows that it is important to say the correct words that come from the teleprompter, but the larger part of him is pulling in a completely different white supremacist direction. This is how he tried to be diplomatic.

To avoid the crushing negative publicity about his weak-kneed response to the mass shootings killing 31 people, Trump tweeted about the “Gold Star families.” His words continued to ring hollow, given his own military history. His father made a deal with a podiatrist to say Trump had had bone spurs. That meant another man went to the Vietnam War in his place and may not have come home. POTUS tweeted:

Today, we honor all of our Country’s Purple Heart recipients, their loved ones, and our Gold Star Families for their immeasurable sacrifice. These American Patriots represent the unyielding and unmatched strength and determination of the U.S. Armed Forces:…’

Former Iraq War Veteran, Purple Heart recipient, and former Assistant Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs Lieutenant Colonel Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) had a few thoughts about his lack of military service. She was one of the first Army women to fly combat missions during Operation Iraqi Freedom. She served 23 years until the Black Hawk helicopter she piloted was shot down. As a result, she lost both legs and partial use of one arm. Duckworth gave Trump his nickname: Cadet Bone Spurs. It stuck.

Twitter world went wild. Check out some of our favorites here below and see what you think:

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