3 Major World Banks Hand Over Trump/Russia Connected Financials


Donald Trump has been resisting turning over his tax returns to the public or even to the House of Representatives committees that are responsible for oversight. POTUS has said that his tax returns were under audit, but if that was the case, it would be the longest audit in history. Now, things are beginning to happen, finally, and is it ever exciting.

The White House administration has not played by the traditional spoken rules regarding governing. Instead, the president’s people have blocked the committees’ requests for documents and present and previous employees by not honoring their subpoenas.

Ever vigilant, the committees’ investigators looking into the president’s financial and business background may have discovered a way to handle the Trump administration blocking their subpoenas, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The banks have been honoring the Congress’ subpoenas and have provided them with thousands of documents linked to the connections between Russians and Donald Trump. Other banks have been providing documents to the New York state investigators looking into Trump.org. Trump’s headquarters is located in the state, and the Democratic dominate New York state government passed a law to make the investigation possible.

Attorney General for New York Letitia James obtained information on the Trump.org loans. The Trump organization had not been transparent until the law changed all of that.

The Federal House Financial Services and Intelligence committees were stopped in May when Trump filed a lawsuit to block subpoenas to Deutsche Bank and Capital One, Trump’s primary lenders. The committee wanted not only Trump’s financial history but also those of his immediate family, too, The Talking Point Memo reported:

‘The banks that have been providing information reportedly include Bank of America, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, and Wells Fargo.’

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