Freeway Shooting Leaves Two Dead After Wild Pit Maneuver (VIDEO)


America is quickly becoming less attractive to Americans as gun violence becomes a daily occurrence, America becomes more and more like a third world country. Sure, the most powerful nation in the world could make laws to end this modern-day war zone, but that is not in the best interest of gun lobbyists and wealthy organizations like the NRA.

Thursday night brought more death and mayhem, this time on a Texas interstate during rush hour. According to Business Insider:

“Two people were shot and killed on a freeway in Houston, Texas during rush hour Thursday evening, and the gunman fled the scene, police said.”

“An accident was reported to authorities at 5:55 p.m. on the East Freeway in Houston, and when police arrived on scene they found that a shooting had happened.”

Houston police released the following tweet, warning Texans of the incident:

Houston Police assistant chief Bobby Dobbins said to the media that, “one of the vehicles struck the other vehicle and spun it out, similar to a pit maneuver.” Witnesses say a man armed with what looked like a rifle exited his vehicle after spinning out another car using the maneuver. It was at that time that the gunman opened fire into the crashed car’s windshield.

The two men in the spun-out car exited the vehicle quickly, but were killed as they exited. Their bodies were found directly outside the driver and passenger doors.

The report says it only ended when:

“A witness told police that he chased off the suspect after grabbing a pistol he keeps in his car and firing at him.”

Dobbins said to USA Today:

“He got in front of the vehicle and fired rounds into the front windshield of the vehicle. Road rage? An accident? Narcotics? We just don’t know yet so I won’t speculate.”

“A major accident makes you mad on the way home, but seeing something like this to a normal citizen. witnesses are very disturbed.”

The departed were described only as middle aged black men. No identities have been released.