AOC Responds To Epstein Suicide & MAGA’s Are Actually Agreeing


The mysterious death of Jeffrey Epstein Friday night has caused pure chaos on public forums like Facebook and Twitter. Conspiracy nuts are in full speed as they try to blame Bill and Hillary Clinton for some weird inside job to silence Epstein before he could implicate and testify against the former president.

One thing remains, however, the death was very suspicious, as Epstein was in the SHU or Special Housing Unit, and under close watch. Regardless, he was found unresponsive in his Manhattan jail cell around 6am this morning and was later pronounced dead at an area hospital.

Now, AOC is calling for answers in they alleged suicide on Twitter:

The reason people are so crazed about this is because just hours before, on Friday afternoon, documents were leaked that implicated even more powerful men, including lawyer Alan Dershowitz.

People, even Trump supporters, responded quite shocked that they were in agreement with AOC on something. Check out the best reactions below via Twitter: