Michelle Obama Makes Exciting Career Announcement To Help Youth


By the time some presidential administrations finally end, the whole country is ready to just forget they ever happened. That doesn’t appear to be the case with Barack and Michelle Obama, who are missed and whose fans cannot seem to get enough of.

The former first lady will be starring in a new YouTube series according to a trailer released on Saturday. The purpose of the series will be to talk first-year college students through that initial culture shock and helping to prepare them for academic success.

According to Newsweek:

‘Obama and her education initiative, Reach Higher, partnered with NowThis and YouTube to create a 10-episode “crash course” for college students. Titled, “A Students’ Guide to Your First Year of College,” the learning playlist is set to debut in September.

‘News of the collaborative effort came about a week after Obama hosted her annual Beating the Odds Summit at Howard University in Washington, D.C. Obama started the event in 2014 as a roundtable with a small group of students and has used it to give first-generation college-bound students tools to succeed at school.’

For many first-year students, especially those who are first generation college students and who may not have close role models to ask for advice, that culture shock can have quite an impact. Obama is no stranger to that feeling, as she herself was a first generation student when she began her academic career at Princeton University.

‘A first-generation college graduate herself, Obama advised students at this year’s summit to major in something that excites them, reach out if they’re struggling and be patient when it comes to making friends. Regardless of the topic of the question, the former first lady’s advice largely centered on ensuring students knew they weren’t alone. That freshmen students were generally experiencing the same difficulties even if it might feel as if everyone had it together.

‘Years ago, Obama was one of those freshman students that found adjusting to college difficult at times.

‘”When my dad dropped me off at college, I remember feeling overwhelmed and I have a feeling that some of you might know what I’m talking about,” Obama said in a trailer for the YouTube series. “You’re not the only ones.”‘


The YouTube series is just one of many ventures the Obamas are involved in post-presidency. Others include book deals, mentoring young leaders, and activism around climate change. Meanwhile, their oldest daughter, Malia, is completing her own degree at Harvard University while Sasha recently finished her high school years as is rumored to be considering attending the University of Michigan.

‘Other videos will include the panel at the most Beating the Odds Summit, which included Philadelphia Eagles player Malcolm Jenkins, the CEO of Robin Hood, one of the largest anti-poverty forces in America, Wes Moore and United States Women’s National Soccer Team player Mallory Pugh.

‘Reach Higher Executive Director Eric Waldo told Newsweek that the organization was “thrilled” that YouTube and NowThis helped it give voice to “crucial lessons” that will help students find a pathway to success in higher education.’


Featured image via Flickr by Phil Roeder under a Creative Commons license