Kellyanne Conway ‘Fox News Sunday’ Appearance Turns Into PR Nightmare


This weekend, Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide while jailed on federal child sex trafficking charges and awaiting trial. The death of the politically connected criminal has set off a firestorm of tumultuous talk over the next steps for his case — which President Donald Trump weighed in on this weekend with a retweet including the hashtag “#ClintonBodyCount,” which constitutes a suggestion that the Clintons were behind Epstein’s death and pushed it to cover up their own supposed involvement in his crimes. Longtime Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway refused to acknowledge any issue at all with the president’s behavior when asked about it this weekend by host Bill Hemmer, instead simply casting the suggestion from the president of the United States that a political rival was secretly behind an apparent suicide as just acceptable par for the course!

She told Hemmer, discussing Epstein’s death:

‘I think the president just wants everything to be investigated… just the day before, there was some unsealed information implicating some people very high up… There’s always this rush to be transparent and to need accountability when it comes to fictional allegations like collusion with Russia to swing an election. This seems to be very concrete in that Jeffrey Epstein has done some very bad things over a number of years, so let’s continue to investigate that.’

Possibly only Kellyanne Conway could swing a question about Jeffrey Epstein into martyrdom complex-driven complaint #43562 from the Trump team about the supposed terrible, terrible things the Justice Department and Congress have done by launching duly proceeding investigations after an accumulation of concrete evidence suggesting a presidential candidate was connected with documented efforts to tilt U.S. elections.

After Conway’s above comments, Hemmer tried to draw the conversation back to the original topic, pointing out that “it’s clear what [Trump] was trying to say” with the retweet including the hashtag “#ClintonBodyCount.” That’s not exactly an ambiguous allegation — yet, as if it’s in her contract that she’s unable to admit even a possibility of wrongdoing on Trump’s part, Conway still adamantly refused to see any issue with the situation.

She repeated to Hemmer:

‘I think the president just wants everything to be investigated. Trying to connect the president to this monster from years ago where they were seen dancing in a video versus other people who were actively I suppose flying around with this monster, on his island, which was known as pedophilia island. Perhaps there’s a public interest in knowing all that.’

Although she cited ongoing, brand new efforts launched under Attorney General Bill Barr’s purview to uncover the facts in the Epstein case as supposed reason she couldn’t go into at least some more detail at times, the main individual she’s referring to here is apparently Bill Clinton. Some have repeatedly pointed to the flights he took on Epstein’s plane as supposed evidence of wrongdoing.

To be clear, however — people aren’t reaching to also question Trump’s own connection to Epstein. It’s not some conspiracy theory — in 2002, Trump told New York Magazine that he thought Epstein was a “terrific guy” and at the time explicitly acknowledged his pursuit of young women.

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