Trump Immigration Goon Appears On Sunday TV & Blows It Hard


As the United States continues to reel from the aftermath of a mass shooting targeting the immigrant community in El Paso, Texas, that left 22 people dead, the Trump administration carried out sweeping raids on the immigrant community in Mississippi in recent days. Some 680 people were taken into custody, about half of whom were released within a day likely because they never should have been taken in to begin with. Children were left alone and literally crying — and on CNN’s State of the Union this weekend, the best response that acting Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) Commissioner Mark Morgan had to the situation was to haggle host Jake Tapper over him calling the operations “raids” as if part of Morgan’s job description is “chief propagandist” or something.

Is that really the most important issue here when in the real world, on the ground, families have again been torn apart within the United States when those immigrants taken in hadn’t even committed any violent crime at all? They posed no threat.

Immediately after Tapper played him a tape of a young girl crying for her father who had been taken into custody during the raids, Morgan launched into the following:

‘I think words matter. These aren’t raids. These are targeted law enforcement operations. And in this case, this was a joint criminal investigation with ICE and the Department of Justice, targeting worksite enforcement, meaning companies that knowingly and willfully hire illegal aliens, so that in most cases, they can pay them reduced wages, exploit them further for their bottom line. That’s what this investigation was about — a criminal investigation, Jake.’

And yet — no matter Morgan’s self-righteous posturing, as of this weekend not a single apparent criminal charge has been filed against anyone in management at any of the four food processing companies who employed these hundreds of detained individuals at a full seven plants across the state of Mississippi. Morgan is flatly lying about the course of these events so far — they’re not targeting companies that are exploiting undocumented immigrants for their labor. They’re targeting the immigrants! They’re targeting the ones being exploited.

Fittingly enough as a rhetorical spear through the haughty arguments that Morgan was offering, Tapper eventually pointed out that despite the claims from the CBP head of impartially enforcing the law, not a single raid has been carried out against any of the at least eight Trump properties that have employed undocumented workers.

Unsurprisingly enough considering who he works for, Morgan refused to see any issue with the situation, telling Tapper:

‘In my 25 years, I take offense to say anybody is turning a blind eye to somebody is violating the law. I’ve been doing it for a long time; I’ve never known anybody in law enforcement to turn a blind eye to someone that’s committing a crime.’

Oh sure. Go ahead and take a legitimate, fact-based question as some kind of moral attack on the entire history of law enforcement, Mark. There’s no problem at all with that — especially when you’re the one entrusted with enforcing border laws at present. (Sarcasm, obviously.)

Check out more of Morgan’s appearance:

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