F.B.I. Visits Serial Child Rapist Jeffrey Epstein’s Jail Cell


Last Friday night, Jeffrey Epstein, allegedly hung himself in his jail cell just hours after a leak of documents implicated even more powerful men who could be indicted on multiple charges, including child rape. Immediately upon the release of the information, the internet stirred with conspiracy theories as to who was going to knock Epstein off before he could testify to save his own ass.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Prisons, the F.B.I. has now taken over the investigation into Epstein’s suspicious, and seemingly very convenient suicide.

This news has the internet going nuts with even more conspiracies, like former President Bill Clinton being behind an apparent ‘hit job’ to silence Epstein, including many others. People who responded to the above tweet were not exactly buying it. Check out the reactions below via screenshot: