New York State Announces Immediate Legal Action Against Trump


Trump finalized a new “public charge” rule would that would expand the list of benefits that would disqualify more immigrants from obtaining citizenship. Under the rule, people would be denied citizenship for relying on public assistance such as food stamps.

On Monday, New York Attorney General Leticia James (D) announced that her office will sue Mr. Trump over the rule. New York State Announces Immediate Legal Action Against Trump Corruption Domestic Policy Donald Trump Human Rights Humanitarian Immigration Social Media Top Stories Twitter Videos

Attorney General James said:

‘Under this rule, children will go hungry; families will go without medical care. I am committed to defending all of New York’s communities, which is why I intend to sue the Trump administration over the egregious rule.’

James is the only one concerned about the rule. California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) and Attorney General Xavier Becerra (D) also weighed on Trump’s proposed policy. Becerra said his state is “actively reviewing the details to determine next steps.”

Governor Newsom said:

‘This is a reckless policy that targets the health and well-being of immigrant families and communities of color, with widespread implications for our state’s health care, housing, and affordability.’

Becerra has said he will fight the rule but hasn’t outlined what steps he will take.

According to MSN News:

‘The rule, announced Monday expands the definition of “public charge,” under which the Department of Homeland Security may deny visas, green cards or entry, to include use of services such as food stamps, Medicaid or housing subsidies for an aggregate 12 months within any three-year period by a noncitizen.’

Ken Cuccinelli, acting director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, said:

‘We certainly expect people of any income to be able to stand on their own two feet. A poor person can prepare to be self-sufficient…so let’s not look at that as the be all end all.’

Immigrant advocacy groups worry that the new rule would prevent immigrants from seeking necessary medical care. National Immigration Law Center executive director Marielena Hincapiee`said in a statement:

‘It will have a dire humanitarian impact, forcing some families forego critical life-saving health care and nutrition. The damage will be felt for decades to come.’

According to Vox:

‘But once (Cuccinelli) finished reading his prepared statement, he couldn’t explain the disconnect between the Statue of Liberty’s “give me your tired, your poor” slogan and a new policy set to keep those very same immigrants out of the country. Nor did he have a satisfactory answer when pressed by a reporter about why critics aren’t justified in concluding that the policy is meant to target Latinos.’

Here’s were some comments from the Twitter World:

It’s not racist, because we’re equal-opportunity racists? That is some four-dimensional batshit going on there.

— Paul Wiley (@WileyPaul) August 12, 2019

Using any of these services for more than six months: Children attending a Head Start program, Children’s Health Insurance Program, any subsidies under the Affordable Care Act, food stamps, WIC, Section 8 housing, Low-income Home Energy Assistance, or transit vouchers could result in the person being denied a new visa or green card.

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