NY’s De Blasio Makes Epstein Statement That Has Trump Fuming


Things are heating up at the Iowa State Fair. There are politicians everywhere: flipping then eating pork chops, giving speeches, and smiling for photos with the people who could, if they wished, do a great deal to make him president. Yet, not all was fun and games.

Financier Jeffrey Epstein had been in a federal prison in Lower Manhattan for allegedly trafficking very young girls for sex. He was just off of Suicide Watch. His wealth apparently entitled him to have Egyptian sheets — unlike the main population who sleep on metal shelves.

Apparently, 30-minute guard checks were not enough to save his life. After the death of Jeffrey Epstein, New York City Mayor and 2020 presidential candidate Bill de Blasio called for a full investigation, according to The Des Moines Register.

De Blasio spoke to reporters after he appeared on the Iowa State Fair’s Des Moines Register Political Soapbox this weekend:

‘I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but something’s way too convenient here, and we need to get down to the bottom of what happened.’

That was when Epstein demanded “a full investigation:”

‘At the fair, he also demanded a full investigation into the alleged sex trafficker “even if he isn’t alive:”

He continued:

‘Because we’re talking about many, many people — likely dozens or more who were involved. His death should not mean that that investigation is dropped. We need to be the party that says “We will overturn Citizens United.”‘

De Blasio used his 20-minute opportunity at the Soapbox to demand Democrats change their basic platform in order to prevent Donald Trump from winning next year. Then, de Blasio called for  Democrats to make “big bold change” for working Americans rather than a safe, moderate pathway:

‘A little change is not enough for most working Americans. A little change is not enough for Iowans who are struggling. That’s how we motivate people. That’s how we energize people. My friends, it can be done. But that’s who we have to be.’

Next, the New York mayor spoke about his “working people first agenda” he introduced into New York City. The Times reported that he called for:

‘…universal pre-kindergarten, $15-an-hour minimum wage, paid sick leave and a health care program that pairs patients with doctors. His administration is also working on two weeks’ paid leave for all workers.’

De Blasio turned the questions over to the audience:

‘Do you think you deserve that in Iowa? Do you think that we need that all over America?’

De Blasio brought his family to the state fair, his wife Chirlane McCray, and son Dante de Blasio. Reporters caught them eating “corn dogs and totchos.” Then, the family played some games, and the mayor won a black stuffed bulldog. He said:

‘I love the Iowa State Fair. I’m in love with it, It’s amazing.’

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