Trump’s New ‘Public Charge’ Rule Will Allow Only Wealthy Immigrants


Donald Trump has the government attorneys working overtime going through the obscure rules library. He has them looking through the dusty pages that predate computerization for ways to keep immigrants out of the country. This is what his people found.

There are two tiers of legal immigrants. The first has enough wealth, education, and/or technical skills to provide for themselves. For instance, they might have a job waiting for them at a place like Silicon Valley. The second group of immigrants comes primarily from Central America, where they have been fleeing extreme poverty due to long drought conditions or gang violence.

The second group of immigrants needs help from the government’s public benefits such as Medicaid, food stamps, or housing now or in the future. Trump’s new rule, Inadmissibility on Public Charge Grounds, will make it more difficult to get a green card or citizenship. Variables that would work against getting a green card would be according to The Washington Post:

‘Factors that can count against a green card applicant include having “a medical condition” that will interfere with work or school; not having enough money to cover “any reasonably foreseeable medical costs” related to such a medical condition; having “financial liabilities;” having been approved to receive a public benefit, even if the individual has not actually received the benefit; having a low credit score; the absence of private health insurance; the absence of a college degree; not having the English language skills “sufficient to enter the job market;” or having a sponsor who is “unlikely” to provide financial support.’

Former official and immigration consultant to President Barack Obama, Doug Rand said, according to the Washington Post:

‘With one regulation, they are attempting to scratch two itches: one is penalizing immigrants for using public benefits that they are legally entitled to, and the other is cutting legal immigration in half.’ And the way you cut legal immigration in half is by kicking the doors out from the definition of ‘likely to become a public charge.”‘

The new rule just showed up on the Federal Register’s website and will go into effect within two months.

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