Trump Goes On Another Tuesday Twitter Escapade Like He’s Bored


It would be good to have a president who is not so petty. His taunts are right out of the fifth-grade playbook. The world circles around him, but the shining star Donald Trump thinks he is has a very dark side. Plus, he spins so much, he leaves the world a little dizzier — like this.

Maybe someone should ask Trump to define the word “socialist,” then he would not use it so often:

‘Kamala Harris isn’t fooling anyone on health care. Here’s one of Iowa’s seniors calling her out for her socialist plan. — Ronna McDaniel (@GOPChairwoman)’

The president found the “retweet” icon and went Twitter crazy. He retweeted a somewhat stale Chinese riot video from his buddy Fox News’ Sean Hannity:


‘BREAKING NEWS NOW: Chinese Riot Police Storm Hong Kong International Airport | Sean Hannity Riot police have reportedly entered Hong Kong International Airport to disperse pro-Democracy protesters after demonstrations prompted officials to cancel all flights for the second day in a row. Our…’

POTUS tried to move the “Fredo” nickname away from his eldest son, but he did not have much luck:

‘“Who am I then, Fredo?” Cuomo asked during a 2010 radio interview when his brother was considering running for governor. #FakeNewsFredo strikes again!’

It was not clear what Trump wanted people to take home from this retweet. There were American flags flying in China. More likely than not, they were an S.O.S., not in adoration of 45:


Was it possible that Trump cared about the Second First Lady Karen Pence’s Christmas decor:

‘IN THE NEWS: Whispering Pines will present Christmas tree for ⁦the Vice President’s Residence| WLUK.’

Trump visited a petrochemical business and spread a few lies on people’s sandwiches:

‘Just leaving. Incredible Complex. JOBS! JOBS! JOBS!’

Back to the fifth-grade playbook. “De Blasio draws 15-person crowd:”

‘Bill de Blasio draws 15-person crowd in Iowa’

Next, a woman tried to explain how Trump was not “a racist:”

how can a man (@realDonaldTrump) provide this type of moment to a family and be considered by the scarecrows of america as a racist? the day OZ gives them all their own brains, maybe they will repent.’

Trump attacked one of his 2020 opponents and his twin brother:

‘2020 Democrat Julian Castro says he’s “very proud” of his brother’s target list of @realDonaldTrump supporters. Castro has no business being president and – if you look at the polls – nearly every American — Ronna McDaniel (@GOPChairwoman)’

Was this a warning from Trump to Germany:

There are 34,000 U.S. troops in Germany protecting Germans and Europeans. I can tell you this:@RolandNelles & @SPIEGELONLINE are wrong. Americans don’t understand why Germany isn’t meeting its NATO obligations & helping the West. And they are growing very annoyed by it.’

Then, it was off to New Hampshire with the Donald:

‘See you in New Hampshire!’

Trump must enjoy this one, he keeps retweeting it over and over and over:


Next, he circled back to the Fredo nickname:

‘Ok Fredo ‘

Twitter world was spinning off of its axis. Check out these favorites below:

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