Trump Jr. Flies Into Disrespectful Attack On CNN Anchor’s Heritage


Poor Donald Trump Jr. He has been trying to remake himself in the image of his father. Just check out his hair. In spite of all his attempts, the president will never give son number one the same affection he feels toward Ivanka Trump. This is Don Jr.’s latest attempt.

Unfortunately, the president’s firstborn child tried to give CNN’s Chris Cuomo a nickname that everyone but Jr. knew was already assigned to him “Fredo.” The Fredo character was the weak mob boss’ descendant in the movie The Godfather.  Maybe, the whole title of “Fake News Fredo” would draw attention away from POTUS’s son. Maybe not. It does not look good for the commander-in-chief’s eldest kid:

‘Donald Trump Jr. @DonaldJTrumpJr Guys I have a feeling Chris “Fake News Fredo” Cuomo is going to stick.’

It was not just about Junior’s hair. Within the past year, he left his wife, the mother of his five children for a Fox News celebrity. Both of the president’s older sons went on a safari in Africa to give their masculinity rating a boost.

Both Ivanka and Don Jr. have been employing extreme tactics to win the role of successor to the throne. They play dirty, very dirty. After all, Ivanka tried to get her little sister by another mother kicked off of their father’s will.

Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) had a few words to say about Trump’s eldest:

‘Everyone knows he is the president’s son. All the Trump voters would be pretty fired up. I guess all the Never Trump people would be pretty mad but that’s kind of where we are. It’s not the first time the president’s eldest son has campaigned for others. During just six months of the 2018 midterms, a source says, Trump Jr. did 70 events for Republican candidates and state parties.’

Time will tell.

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