Trump Takes Credit For Hong Kong’s Violence During Twitter Spiral


When the British gave Hong Kong back to China, it was with the understanding that it would maintain its democratic style of government. Yet, the Hong Kong citizens are protesting, and huge crowds have overtaken the fourth busiest airport in the world. While Donald Trump prefers authoritarian dictators, people living in Hong Kong to not like its heavy-handedness creeping into their way of life.

Of course, Trump took credit for the protests:

‘Many are blaming me, and the United States, for the problems going on in Hong Kong. I can’t imagine why?’

Then, Trump wrote a semi-presidential tweet. Who could have written it for him:”

‘Our Intelligence has informed us that the Chinese Government is moving troops to the Border with Hong Kong. Everyone should be calm and safe!’

Trump has gone to a 2020 campaign rally in Pennsylvania to recharge his batteries:

‘Just landed in Pennsylvania. Looking forward to making a speech on energy. So important!’

His fingers must have needed a rest. Trump started retweeting about the media. Someone took down the video of CNN’s Chris Cuomo nicknamed “Fredo,” according to Trump. Although, it was hard to tell — he has racked up so many lies:

Put it back up. We are living with a Rigged & Fake Media! Quote Tweet’

Then, the president wanted to take credit for “energy dominance.” Maybe, he was referring to all the hot air he has blown:

‘Ahead of his trip to Pennsylvania, @realDonaldTrump has achieved energy dominance in America!

Meanwhile, 2020 Democrats continue to run on eliminating the fossil fuel sector and the jobs that go with it.

— Team Trump (@TeamTrump)’

Then, POTUS claimed that one mass shooter was “pro-white supremacy,” and the other was “pro-socialist.” The latter was just not true:

‘We’ve just had two incendiary mass shootings. In one, the shooter was pro-white supremacy. In the other, the shooter was pro-socialist. Guess which attacker’s motives have been buried by the media.’

Next, the president retweeted video showing Hong Kong:

\’Disturbing video taken in #Shenzhen just across the boarder with #HongKong. Something extraordinarily bad is about happen.’

After that, Trump cited a source claiming Google was dangerous:

BREAKING @Project_Veritas: Current Sr. Google Engineer Goes Public on Camera: Tech is “dangerous,” “taking sides” — SEE FULL:…’

Then, there was this:

‘NYT Executive Editor @DeanBaquet taking heat today for Trump Unity headline. Can he handle? When @Project_Veritas merely asked him some questions on NYC streets, Baquet was rendered mute.’

One more for the road. Trump retweeted attacking the press:

So terrible!

‘Quote Tweet James O’Keefe @JamesOKeefeIII· These newspapers are becoming woke clickbait farms.…’

Twitter world went insane. Check out some of our very favorites below:
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