New 2020 Polls Released Show Dramatic Elizabeth Warren Surge


Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) brings a fighting spirit into the 2020 presidential race. She tells a story about her childhood where her father had a heart attack, so her mother had to go to work, which was not very common in that era. Out of that tragedy, she has been fighting for her childhood family in every American family today, so how is she doing?

In a surprising turn, the Harvard professor and Oklahoma native pulled into a statistical tie in the latest The Economist/YouGov poll with all-time frontrunner President Barack Obama’s vice president Joe Biden. This was the first time that the Delaware Democrat dropped from a solo first place. He dropped one point in a week to come down to 21 percentage points. Warren added four points to take her up to to 20 percentage points, a virtual dead heat:

‘National Democratic Primary: Biden 21 (-1 in a week) Warren 20 (+4) Sanders 16 (+3) Harris 8 (-) O’Rourke 5 (+3) Buttigieg 5 (-3) Booker 2 (+1) Gabbard 2 (-1) Bennet 1 Castro 1 Gillibrand 1 Klobuchar 1 Steyer 1 Williamson 1 Yang 1’

The poll asked the interviewees how favorably they thought of Joe Biden. The answers were very favorable (men 16 percent, women 18 percent,) (Democrats 34 percent, Independents 10 percent, Republicans five percent.) Somewhat favorable (men 22 percent, women 22 percent,) Democrats 36 percent, Independents 18 percent, Republicans 10 percent.) Somewhat unfavorable (men 18 percent, women 15 percent,) Democrats 14 percent, Independents 16 percent, and Republicans 20 percent.) Very unfavorable (men 31 percent, 26 percent), (Democrats eight percent, Independents 28 percent, Republicans 56 percent.)

Then, the poll asked about their favorable opinion of Elizabeth Warren. Very favorable (men 22 percent, women 20 percent,) Democrats 44 percent, Independents 13 percent, Republicans four percent.) Somewhat favorable (men 17 percent, women 17 percent,) (Democrats 28 percent, Independents 14 percent, Republicans eight percent.) Somewhat unfavorable (men eight percent, women eight percent,) (Democrats seven percent, Independents eight percent, Republicans nine percent.) Very unfavorable (men 35 percent, women 25 percent), (Democrats six percent, Independents 29 percent, Republicans 64 percent.)

Another question in the poll, which was taken between August 10-13, 2019, was about the likelihood of Donald Trump losing his reelection in 2020. In results fairly consistent throughout the demographics: very likely (22 percent,) somewhat likely (24 percent,) not very likely (18 percent,) not likely at all (18 percent,) not sure (17 percent.)

This question in The Economist/YouGov Poll asked if America was ready for a woman president: yes (57 percent,) no (24 percent,) not sure (19 percent.) Republicans were less likely to think the nation was ready (47 percent) compared to Independents (51 percent) and Democrats (72 percent.)

Then, the interviewees were asked if they were personally comfortable with a woman president: entirely comfortable (men 49 percent, women 57 percent,) somewhat comfortable (men 17 percent, women 12 percent,) somewhat uncomfortable (men 10 percent, women seven percent,) entirely uncomfortable (men 12 percent, women 12 percent,) not sure (men 13 percent, women 12 percent.)

The Economist/YouGov Poll was taken between the dates of August 10 and August 13, 2019. The poll interviewed 1500 U.S. adult citizens chosen by a random selection. The margin of error was not included with this data.

Twitter world lit up. Check out some of our favorite responses below:

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