Inspector General Finds Senior Trump Officials Responsible For Harassment


A report released Thursday by the State Department’s Inspector General concludes that leadership at a high-level department bureau was responsible for politically motivated harassment against career State Department employees.

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Image via US Dept of State

According to The Washington Post:

‘The report, released Thursday, is a sweeping condemnation of Moley and more specifically of his former senior adviser, Mari Stull. A former lobbyist and consultant for international food and agriculture interests, Stull left the department in January following press reports that, among other things, she had compiled a list of staffers deemed insufficiently loyal to the Trump administration.’

The Post goes on to report:

‘The 30-page report — based on what it said were interviews with dozens of current and former employees, as well as documents — chronicled numerous episodes of Stull berating and belittling employees, and Moley’s repeated failure to deal with complaints reported to him.

‘Both Stull and Moley, it said, “frequently berated employees, raised their voices, and generally engaged in unprofessional behavior toward staff,” and reportedly moved to retaliate against those who had held their jobs under the previous administration.

‘Stull, it said, referred to some employees as “Obama holdovers,” “traitors,” or “disloyal,” and accused some of being part of the “Deep State” and the “swamp” — terms that President Trump has used to refer to federal employees. All of those so accused, the report said, were career staffers and not political appointees.’

Staffers also claimed that Moley accused them of “undermining the President’s agenda.”

Moley, of course, denies the report stating that the description of his behavior with employees “does not represent the person I am or have ever been.” He also claims that he never witnessed Stull’s reported behavior.

Stull, the report says, declined to speak with State Department investigators.

The State Department responded to the report noting that Stull was “no longer with the Department,” and said that “with regard to the second employee,” Moley, it would submit a “corrective action plan” within 60 days.

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