President Trump Is Trying To Buy Greenland – Wait, What?


Trump has had a busy few months, what with all his racist attacks on Congresswomen of color, followed by equally disgusting attacks on Rep. Elijah Cummings and the city of Baltimore. All of this mixed up with the mass shootings that have taken place over the last several weeks in California, Texas and Ohio, which have collectively resulted in the deaths of 34 people, and the drastic fall of our economy, caused by his trade war with China. But instead of focusing on that, Trump has been busy tweeting conspiracy theories about how the Clintons were responsible for the death of Jeffrey Epstein.

You’d think the guy would get his head out of his ‘you-know-what’ long enough to concentrate on the issues at hand, and how to come to grips with making much-needed changes in how he runs his administration — focus on gun reform, etc… but no… Not Trump! No — instead, he has decided that NOW would be the PERFECT time to buy Greenland. As if we even have the money to do that…

According to CNN and The Wall Street Journal:

‘President Donald Trump has on multiple occasions brought up buying Greenland from the Danish government and the White House counsel’s office has looked into the possibility, two sources told CNN on Thursday.

‘Trump’s interest in buying Greenland was first reported on Thursday by The Wall Street Journal. The Journal reported that people familiar with the deliberations said the President has raised the issue during meetings and dinners, asking aides and listening seriously about the possibility and advantages of owning Greenland. He also asked his White House counsel to research the matter, according to two of the people.

‘Two of the people also told the Journal that Trump’s aides were divided on the issue, with some praising it as solid economic strategy and others dismissing it as a passing fancy.’

Let’s hope it’s the latter and just a “passing fancy” because Greenland is in bad enough shape as it is! Just yesterday, Nasa scientists flew over Greenland to study and track the rapidly melting ice sheets that used to cover the entire island.

If Trump succeeds in this “passing fancy” and ends up finding a way to buy the island from Denmark, which he reportedly wants to use for its resources, can you imagine the catastrophic climate event this could cause if he gets his hands on it?! It’s a terrifying thought!

‘According to the Journal, one person described a dinner last spring where Trump told associates he had been advised to look into buying Greenland because Denmark faced financial trouble from supporting the territory.

‘”What do you guys think about that?” Trump asked the room, the person told the paper. “Do you think it would work?”‘

I’ll tell you what I think about that! I think it would be disastrous!

America has access to Greenland already, as part of its defense treaty with Denmark. The U.S. military operates Thule Air Base — a missile detection base there above the Arctic Circle. Let’s just all hope that this remains the only access that we ever get.

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